Watch the Mediterranean Sea is an online mapping platform to monitor the deaths and violations of migrants’ rights at the maritime borders of the EU

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How to contribute

As an observatory of the EU maritime borders, WTM aims at providing a series of resources to anybody concerned with the violation of migrants’ rights at sea. In this sense, WTM is a tool in the hands of a multifarious movement that in various (and sometimes interconnected)ways is attempting to put an end to the increasing number of migrants’ deaths in the Mediterranean. Without the active engagement of this larger movement and the support it can provide to it, WTM would not have a reason to exist.

In the past few months, we have collaborated with a huge variety of people, organisations and institutions. From the relatives and friends of those who have died at sea to the migrants who have themselves crossed the Mediterranean; from seamen and shipping companies to professional oceanographers and remote sensing specialists; from small activist groups and NGOs to bigger institutions; from fishermen to journalists and academic researchers; each of these actors has contributed to this project by sharing some of their knowledge with us and actively collaborating with us on specific investigations or violations or migrants rights at sea or mobilisations to prevent them.

Here are some ways in which you too could support WTM:

If you are a sailor:

If you are a migrant or a friend or relative of somebody who has crossed or will cross the Mediterranean or who has gone missing at sea:
  • Inform yourself about the coastguard telephone numbers to be able to make a distress call
  • Share and acquire information about safety at sea (for example »Instructions for a distress call«)
  • Inform us of ongoing situations of distress. Write a report (see how to report) or write us an email: info@watchthemed.net
  • Document human rights violations at sea such as pushbacks etc. for example by taking photographs
  • Try to document violations of your rights at sea  by taking photographs or notes relating to all actors involved
  • Contact WTM to inform us of any violation you, your friends or relatives may have been victim of, as well as cases involving deaths and missing people

If you are in an NGO or network or institution concerned with the violation of migrants’ rights at sea:
  • Report incidents which involve deaths or violations of migrant rights at sea. Write a report (see How to report) or write us an email: info@watchthemed.net
  • In case of an ongoing situation of distress, contact your national authorities to ensure they respect their obligations
  • Denounce publicly violations
  • Contact lawyers that could file legal cases

If you are an activist
  • Make public pressure
  • Strengthen our network in the various regions (central mediterranean, aegean sea, street of gibraltar) for reporting, documenting, intervening against violations of migrant rights at sea

If you are a journalist
  • Ask information from border guards concerning incidents at sea
  • Try to meet survivors of incidents and collect their testimonies by including the key questions contained in the »How to report« page.

If you are a researcher on a topic relevant for wtm
  • If you encounter cases, or have important field information on patrols or surveillance means, share your information with us.

If you like the project